About Emanata


Welcome to Emanata, the group behind the first ever comics anthology at Virginia Commonwealth University!

Started by illustrator and comics artist Chris Kindred in 2014 with Weird, Vol. 1, Emanata is a student-run publication dedicated to uplifting the comics community here at VCU by providing an avenue for comics artists to publish their work in an anthology. Contributors work with our team of editors to great the best product possible in a personal one-on-one editorial process.

It is a registered organization at VCU under the Student Media Center, publishing an anthology annually in print and online. Emanata distributes locally on VCU campus, at conferences, and in participating stores in the Richmond area. See our events page to find out where else we’ll be throughout the year!

Emanata has a four-stage editorial/submissions process beginning with script submissions. The process begins each Fall Semester. All VCU students are encouraged to submit, regardless of skill or experience!


We are working hard to bring you the best experience yet!

Natalie Reyes

Editor in Chief

Natalie is a senior studying Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves snuggling her cat, listening to music, and anything to do with visual storytelling, especially through the mediums of comics, animation, and video games. She hopes to work on video games and plans on releasing a webcomic someday.

Shannon Fritz


Shannon is a junior in the class of 2025, majoring in Communication Arts. They love working on comics, designing characters, and all sorts of drawing. Some of their interests include reading fantasy books, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and maybe romanticizing life a little too much.

Gabe Carlson

Senior Editor

Gabe Carlson is a junior here at the VCU School of Nursing. When not stressing over classes and clinicals, Gabe is an aspiring comic artist who dreams of getting something published one day. His primary domains of interest lie in horror, sci-fi, and stories of queer love and heartbreak, hoping to one day be able to incorporate all three into his comic work.

Jordan Kalafut

Social Media Manager

Jordan Kalafut is a sophomore Social Work major with hopes to work in harm reduction. Jordan has an ever-changing set of interests and hobbies but has always enjoyed baking as well as collecting music and books.